Series 1 Episode 1
Bill Boorman Founder #Tru events

Bill Boorman

Founder, #Tru events

Bill is a true global tour de force in the world of recruiting. With a career spanning over three decades in recruiting, Bill has led the way in connecting people within the recruiting industry from around the globe.

After a corporate life that led to a change in lifestyle, as in Bill’s words “he didn’t like the person he’d become”, he setup his own successful business only to experience bankruptcy, which had a huge impact on both his professional and personal life. He had to adapt again and twitter revolutionised Bill’s world, enabling him to create a global network of recruiting folk that led to the creation of the Tru Unconference events.

Bill now spends his time continuing to innovate events and networks, whilst working in a consultancy role with large corporates and is also very active within the HR Tech startup community, working with companies such as Clinch and RolePoint.

From dealing with the consequences of the financial meltdown that affected his own business, the impact on his home and family life, to the reinvention that has led to the global success of the Tru Unconference events, Bill talks openly about his life and career whilst sharing very personal insights and experiences.

Work doesn’t happen in isolation and we often forget the backdrop of everyday life that people are also dealing with.

A truly inspirational and engaging interview.


Bill talks about the qualities he admires in other people and shares the story of the advice his friend gave him who died of cancer. | 25:31


Bill Boorman


Series Overview

The first series of Career Life Stories kicked off with Bill Boorman, setting the tone for future episodes with Bill’s honest and open approach which is so important to the success of these interviews.This is followed by Matthew Jeffery, VP Global Head of Sourcing and Employer Brand for SAP and Gareth Jones, Head of Technology for Chemistry Group filmed at Bath Spa University Studios and Thornden Hall in Hampshire.

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