Series 1 Episode 3
Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones

Gareth is one of the most respected and knowledgeable people in the HR Tech and recruitment industry and in this interview shares the story of his life and career to date including:

  • The impact of growing up and how frequently moving schools at a young age still has an influence on his approach to life
  • The career path that has taken him from HR to HR Tech and his frustration and disillusionment with HR
  • The influence of his parents on his outlook and his own relationship with his family and children
  • The intertwined relationship between work and life outside work and the impact this had on the breakdown of his marriage
  • The life lessons learnt and how he now views the future.

We can’t join up the dots looking forward, only when we look back, and in this reflective interview we get to understand the impact of early decisions and the influences around us that shape our views and approaches to life. Life is full of challenges, both on the personal and work side and how we plan and view our future isn’t always the plan that life has for us. Once you get to the end of this interview, you will get a real understanding of how the dots have connected in Gareth’s life looking back, in what is a map and overview of his life and career to date.. as Gareth says, “It’s as though I’ve decided to cross a river and I’ve somehow managed to end up at the other side, coughing and splurting a bit, but I made it”.


Gareth talks about his decision to leave a career in HR


Gareth Jones


Series Overview

The first series of Career Life Stories kicked off with Bill Boorman, setting the tone for future episodes with Bill’s honest and open approach which is so important to the success of these interviews.This is followed by Matthew Jeffery, VP Global Head of Sourcing and Employer Brand for SAP and Gareth Jones, Head of Technology for Chemistry Group filmed at Bath Spa University Studios and Thornden Hall in Hampshire.

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