Series2 Episode4
Gerry Crispin 1h:09 Principal and Co-Founder CareerXroads

Gerry Crispin

Principal and Co-Founder, CareerXroads

Gerry is one of the recruiting industry’s most well known and popular figures with a career that spans over 40 years.  His route into the industry started with Johnson&Johnson in the 1970s after studying Organizational Behavior at the Stevens Institute of Technology. After a segue into executive search he took a path that saw him join Shaker Recruitment Advertising in the late 80s. It was from here that he recognised the huge opportunities presented by the internet and spoke on the subject at SHRM events in the 90s where he published he first book with Mark Mehler  and they co- founded CareerXroads.

His passion and knowledge for technology, data and understanding the factors that influence and drive a dynamic workforce led to the creation of the peer-to-peer Talent Acquisition community that has regular colloquiums in countries around the world.

He’s also co-founder of the not-for-profit Talent Board which has created the Candidate Experience Awards and has recently been involved in the creation of the Association for Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP) in his drive to provide professional status for the industry.

Gerry’s reputation around the globe for what he’s achieved and continues to achieve is unsurpassed in Talent Acquisition and he has a big story to tell.

In this extended episode we cover:

  • His early childhood and school years
  • College life and his early career in organizational behavior with Johnson &Johnson
  • Working in recruitment advertising and entering the digital age of recruiting
  • Writing his own obituary and the values it taught him about life
  • Being the first to present on the impact of the internet on recruiting at SHRM in 1996
  • Writing his first books and the creation of CareerXroads
  • His passion for Talent Acquisition and learning
  • Views on success, life lessons and what’s next
  • His hat!

Watch the Extras for additional clips including:

  • First ‘online job ads’ with Bulletin Boards and Three Pigeons
  • ATAP – The creation of a new professional association
  • Gerry’s Italian ancestry and the impact on his family’s life today
  • First recruiting job
  • Learning to communicate and the art of storytelling

Additional clips will be added over the coming weeks so check back regularly and sign up for updates.


ATAP - A new professional organisation | 03:18
Gerry's Italian ancestry and its legacy | 03:52
Bulletin Boards - first 'online' job ads and Three Pigeons | 04:07
Give him access - the J&J computer story (extended clip) | 04:53
Colloquium - Rules and Format | 01:52
First recruiting job - college football | 01:51
Insights from college - Learning to communicate | 01:58


S2E4 - Gerry Crispin


Series Overview

Following the success of the first episodes of Career Life Stories, we’re back with a brand new second series featuring an impressive lineup of guests – Johnny Campbell, Toni Bache, Matt Alder and Gerry Crispin.

Filmed at Bath Spa University’s Newton Park Studio, these are the stories about people, their lives and their work and each one of our guests talks openly and honestly about the experiences that have shaped their lives and careers.

Production Team: Nick Price (Producer, Editor) , Phil Rowe (Director, Lighting Cameraman), Rob Porter (Cameraman, Post Production) , Joe North (Cameraman) with support from students from Bath Spa University.

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