Series 2 Episode 1
Johnny Campbell 43:34 CEO & Co-Founder Social Talent

Johnny Campbell

CEO & Co-Founder, Social Talent

This is a captivating interview.  Johnny is a well known face in recruiting around the world and CEO and Co-founder of SocialTalent, but this is also a story about an entrepreneur, startup founder and someone who has continually pursued business and personal success through energy, drive and commitment.

Full of fascinating insights, the eloquent way Johnny shares his stories and words of wisdom based on his own experiences is genuinely inspiring and absorbing in equal measure.

SocialTalent is a now a global brand, but it wasn’t a straightforward path to get to where they are today and in this fascinating interview, Johnny talks about the journey he has taken from the little boy who wanted a ‘job with a briefcase’ to running a successful business that has shaken up the world of online learning and recruiting.

In this episode we cover:

  • The early days of SocialTalent and how they nearly went broke before one of several pivotal moments changed the course of their business.
  • How the business went from working out their back bedrooms to a global organisation with a platform used by 1000 companies in 90 countries and over 70,000 recruiters.
  • How landing a job and a two year stint working in the Cayman Islands changed his perspective on life.
  • Setting up business with his business partner Vince and how it was the best business decision he’s ever made.
  • The personal drive, tenacity and resilience – along with dedication and hard work – that has driven Johnny in his personal and professional life.

Watch the Extras for additional clips including:

  • “I wouldn’t have hired you if I’d known you had red hair.”
  • The importance of a good business partner and the ‘best decision I ever made.”
  • Growing pains – “We’re screwed.”
  • Tru Manchester – A turning point – Let’s do this.
  • 6 months became 6 years – “We were happily broke.”
  • Early days – webinars, speaking and winning business
  • Johnny’s Jobs and Jumble Sales

Additional clips will be added over the coming weeks – including the ‘Origin of the Ninja,’ and the development of the SocialTalent brand, so check back regularly and sign up for updates.





I wouldn't have recruited you if I knew you had red hair | 1:28
Growing Pains - "We're screwed. We have no money." | 2:13
Johnny's Jobs and Jumble Sales | 01:40
6 months became 6 years. We were happily broke | 01:44
Early days - Webinars and winning business | 02.01
Product and Pricing - It needs be premium to be valued | 01:34
The importance of a good business partner | 01:18
Tru Manchester - Let's do this | 01:27


Johnny Campbell - Transcript


Series Overview

Following the success of the first episodes of Career Life Stories, we’re back with a brand new second series featuring an impressive lineup of guests – Johnny Campbell, Toni Bache, Matt Alder and Gerry Crispin.

Filmed at Bath Spa University’s Newton Park Studio, these are the stories about people, their lives and their work and each one of our guests talks openly and honestly about the experiences that have shaped their lives and careers.

Production Team: Nick Price (Producer, Editor) , Phil Rowe (Director, Lighting Cameraman), Rob Porter (Cameraman, Post Production) , Joe North (Cameraman) with support from students from Bath Spa University.

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