Series 2 Episode 2
Toni Bache 43:57 VP, HR Trauma & Extremities Stryker

Toni Bache

VP, HR Trauma & Extremities, Stryker

Toni is Vice President of Human Resources for the Trauma and Extremities division of Stryker – an $11billion Fortune 300 medical technology company with over 30,000 employees worldwide.

As a senior business leader in a global role, Toni maintains a busy schedule and has worked with executives and leadership teams in over 30 countries, whilst living in Australia, the UK and the Netherlands. Her time is mainly spent between Stryker’s Amsterdam and US offices.

Toni is a genuinely inspiring and captivating guest. Having forged a reputation for being a forward thinking and strategic business leader, her mission in life is to inspire others to be the best they can be and overcome the challenges they face and fulfil their potential. Toni talks about the tough times she has had and yet achieving many professional and personal triumphs and making many friends along the way.

In this episode we cover:

  • Toni’s early life living in Australia and the challenges that career success has brought.
  • How her career path took a sudden and dramatic change in her final year at school.
  • The tragedy her family experienced when she was at a young age and how she draws on this to inspire her daily life.
  • How she has had to learn to integrate work into her life whilst delivering in a senior global role.
  • The experiences and events that have shaped her outlook and attitude to life.
  • Her drivers and inspirations at work.


Recruiting with a strong employer brand | 01:12
First job and being driven by learning | 00:55
How does Stryker demonstrate its values? | 01:20
Gender equality in business | 01:56
Do people put HR and business leaders in the same bracket? | 00:30
Toni at work vs Toni at home | 00:46
What's been the most challenging part of your career? | 01:18
Learning more about Stryker | 01:05


S2E2 Toni Bache


Series Overview

Following the success of the first episodes of Career Life Stories, we’re back with a brand new second series featuring an impressive lineup of guests – Johnny Campbell, Toni Bache, Matt Alder and Gerry Crispin.

Filmed at Bath Spa University’s Newton Park Studio, these are the stories about people, their lives and their work and each one of our guests talks openly and honestly about the experiences that have shaped their lives and careers.

Production Team: Nick Price (Producer, Editor) , Phil Rowe (Director, Lighting Cameraman), Rob Porter (Cameraman, Post Production) , Joe North (Cameraman) with support from students from Bath Spa University.

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