What is Career Life Stories?

Career Life Stories is produced by Working Films and produced and hosted by Nick Price. The over-riding ethos behind 'Career Life Stories' is to create the right platform to showcase people, their lives and their work and with an industry-leading and strong production team, we aim to deliver high quality productions that allow our guests to take centre stage.

Career Life Stories is the series about people, their lives and their work.

The first series of Nick’s in depth interviews, with industry leaders in recruitment and talent acquisition from around the world, was launched in 2016. Each story gives a truly remarkable insight into the individual’s influences and ambitions and the personal cost of some of the challenges they have faced. They are inspiring. They are engaging. They each have a unique story to share.

Nick has spent his career asking people questions about what they do and why they do it. Twenty years ago, he began working in the research team with TMP Worldwide, before going on to become Head of Research for the recruitment communications agency, ThirtyThree. With an impressive array of blue chip, government and public sector clients, he led a team developing pan-European branding programmes in Eastern Europe and Russia, and also worked with the higher education sector in Delhi to implement a graduate program for a major NGO.

Nick’s experience has subsequently led him to work across several fields including strategy, analytics, branding and communications. He’s worked in start-ups and with startups and with his own company won the HR Technology start-up award for innovation in Silicon Valley, California with a pioneering candidate feedback tool in 2012.

Having used film extensively for employer branding and communications projects and having had a lifelong interest in filming and stories; Nick recognised an opportunity to integrate film and video that delivered bespoke content with a well researched and natural approach to interviewing and strong creative execution.  Working Films has given Nick the opportunity to use his extensive experience to create a film production company that showcases real stories about people and their work, through natural and engaging story telling. His talent as a producer lies in having a natural curiosity and interest in people stories and to share these through film in a way that connects and engages with audiences on an emotional level.

Production Team

Our core production team for Career Life Stories is led by Nick who oversees all elements of production whilst working alongside an experienced and talented creative and technical team. Phil Rowe and Rob Porter who form the core team both have a huge amount of experience both in broadcast and commercial work and, as a team, all have the same passion for creating great film that is both engaging and inspiring.

A lot of work goes into each series and episode of Career Life Stories. Starting with pre-production, Nick will spend time interviewing and meeting our guests before we even get near a studio. It’s important to understand their story so that the interview can be structured in the best way.

On the day, Nick and the production crew will be onsite 3 to 4 hours before we start interviewing to dress the set, test lighting, sound and make sure our guests are relaxed on arrival. Our production team spend a great deal of time to make sure we create the best possible environment to film and we allow a whole day to film one interview – including setup and de-rigging.

Although the final episodes for the new series will last around 40-60 mins, when we’re filming the interviews themselves last between 90 mins to over 2 1/2 hours as we cover a lot of ground. And we do occasionally pause for breath too! During post-production we edit the story so it flows to make it engaging, seamless and captivating for the viewer whilst conveying all that we’ve learnt about the guest through the interview and filming. Post-production includes editing the story and the footage and colour grading, sound mixing and final production.




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